Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Brie?

My main goal is to provide the best service possible for my clients. Working freelance allows me the freedom to focus on quality rather than quantity at a fair price. I take time and care on each job while getting to know my clients and their photography. I like to keep communication open and honest, and I love hearing feedback of all kinds! I'm available via email, phone or text virtually anytime.

How do I get started?

I’ll set you up with an account on my FTP server to transfer files back and forth, and once you’ve sent in your first order form and I have all your images, we’re in business!

How do I submit an order?

Fill out the order form on the Clients page and submit your images. I will send you a confirmation email once I have received everything and your order has been put into queue, along with an accurate deadline.

How do I submit images?

The easiest way to send images and receive completed edits is through the FTP server, via an FTP client program (I recommend FileZilla). I use Dropbox sparingly in certain situations, but please select “Share Dropbox Link” rather than “Share Folder” if using this option. If you have too many large files to upload you can always send me a flash drive or portable hard drive through the mail, and I’ll ship it back at my cost.

How do I get edited images back?

All retouching will be received via FTP in whatever flattened file format you prefer. For color correction, I’ll return either XMP files to you to match back up with your Raw files and load the edits on your end, or if you are sending Smart Previews I will return the Lightroom catalog file back via FTP.

What is the difference between basic & advanced color correction?

Basic color correction is done using mainly the “basic” panel of adjustments in Lightroom (white balance, exposure, shadows/highlights, vibrance/saturation, etc.). Advanced is anything above and beyond that. This includes cropping, vignettes, HSL sliders, tone curves, adjustment brushes, noise reduction, or anything else that needs extra custom attention to perfect the photo. 

The basic + advanced option in the order form is in case there are certain photos that need the extra help to match the rest, or if you’d just like cropping, noise reduction, etc. on an “as needed” basis.

Can I send you my presets?

Please do! It’s important to know exactly what your process is when you edit, so any Lightroom presets or Photoshop actions you use are good for me to have. If your preset is applied across the board and doesn’t require much tweaking I would still consider that a basic color correction.

Can you do black & whites as well?

Yes, black & whites are priced the same as basic color correction and are completed in Lightroom. You can either have me edit photos in B&W instead of color, or as a duplicate photo in addition to the color version, in which case the B&W would be an extra $0.28 each.

How do I make payments?

With each finished order I’ll send you an invoice and I can take payments with either a check, Google Wallet (free), or I can save your credit card securely on file to auto-bill with a 3% transaction fee.

What is your turnaround time?

There is a field in the order form to specify your ideal deadline, but I usually can turn things around within 5-10 business days. It can be a bit slower during the busiest months of May to November.

Can I reserve a future due date?

I encourage everyone to let me know as early as possible if you need an order returned by a specific date! Feel free to reserve a deadline on the orders page and make sure to send the images & order form no later than two business days before that date. I must ask that these reserved dates be held up on your end to avoid any extra fees.

I can’t connect to the FTP!

First double check your host, username and password are typed correctly. If you try too many times with the incorrect login you may get locked out. You can also try restarting your computer and the FTP program. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please email me with a screen shot of the error message so that I can troubleshoot the situation!